About the Quantum Hologram

Fuzzy_AtomThe Quantum Hologram (QH) is the name given to the discovery that the event history of all macro scale matter is continuously broadcast non-locally and is received by and interacts with other matter in its environment through a process of exchange of quantum information. This is an extension of the known process of quantum emission/absorption. It is analogous to the non-local quantum entanglement of particles but pertains to matter of all scale sizes.

QH was discovered circa 1992 by Dr. Walter Schempp, a mathematician at the University of Siegen in Germany while studying functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI). The idea of a holographic mechanism for conveyance of nature’s information, however, goes back considerably farther.

Simply put, Quantrek believes that QH research offers the greatest potential for emergence of significant and profound insights about the nature of the universe, human existence and human consciousness. Quantrek believes the greatest discoveries coming in the future will emerge from the most subtle, implicit, and invisible phenomena of the quantum realm and their causal relationship to macro-level phenomena. It brings the role of information in physical theories to the same level of importance as energy and matter. It focuses not so much on particles as on the relationships and dynamic exchanges between energy, matter, information and consciousness (knowing). It probes four basic quantum attributes and processes heretofore largely ignored and left unexplored by science. They are as follows:

QH theory is a promising new start in this general direction. Its ramifications and implications are profound. For instance, because of the QH model, science can no longer ignore subjectivity, metaphysics, parapsychology, or issues previously relegated to religion or mysticism. Nor can science any longer ignore the presence or importance of consciousness or thought in its relationship to physical matter. It must consider the strong possibility that the natural and the supernatural are one and the same thing, which renders the dualistic worldview of Newton and Descartes completely obsolete.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, writing in his book The Way of the Explorer, put it this way: “To reveal the nature of mind while simultaneously probing the mind of nature requires a single, interconnected, interactive approach quite different from that of Descartes, Newton and Einstein.”

Through the research Quantrek sponsors, the QH model could demonstrate empirically that everything in the universe is part of the same whole and derived from the same source. Compelled by scientific findings, human beings would finally come to realize that in this interconnected and interdependent universe, what one does to others one does to oneself. Science would then find itself validating the ancient teachings of the great mystics, gurus and saints.

The QH model may be the missing link between quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is the holistic thread that weaves these two schools of thought together, providing an unprecedented integration of cosmic scale and atomic scale phenomena. Further, early explorations with the mathematics of QH have already led to progress in developing a quantum cosmology, in resolving some of the conflicts between quantum mechanics and relativity, and in suggesting how matter might arise ex nihilo from the field of quantum fluctuations.

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